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Here is a list of frequently asked questions. These are based on real inquiries. Please also, read a few simple but important rules:

1. You may not mix sessions. 

2. Please do not show up with additional people to be photographed. Prior notification is required.

3. You may bring your own props. 

4. Read this page in its entirety. We encourage you to ask any questions prior to bookings.

5. All prints are digital. We do have the ability to provide printed images at an additional fee. The fee may vary depending on desired image size.  

6. Total balance is due one week prior to the scheduled session date.

Question 1

Pictures are typically edited and returned in 7-10 days. If additional pictures were added to your package, this may cause a minor delay of 2-3 days. 

How long will it take to get my pictures?

Question 2

To avoid this, all clients are required to pick the images to be edited and returned prior to ending the session. This saves the photographer much-needed time and ensures you don't have a "but what about that one" question. 

What if I prefer other pictures taken during the session?

Question 3

To add additional time to your session, you will need to pay an additional fee of $100 per additional hour. If there is another client booked, you will not be able to add additional time. 

What if I need more time for the session?

Question 4

What if I am running late?

You have paid for a specific time slot. You are entitled to that time. However, the minutes lost from your tardiness will be subtracted from your time. If you are 30 minutes late for a one-hour session, your session has now been reduced to 30 minutes. This essentially results in fewer images to choose from as there will be less time to shoot. It is best to arrive on time and ready to shoot. Your time starts immediately upon the time booked. 

Question 5

What if my business shoot doesn't capture my vision?

You are responsible for the creative direction of the business/branding shoot unless the session was requested by the photographer himself. Only the business owner or company representative is aware of the company's vision. The photographer is responsible for the quality of the images only. The business owner or company representative is expected to instruct the photographer on the creative vision during the session to ensure the proper images are captured. This is the time to ensure any changes are completed.

Question 6

Yes, there is an additional fee of $50 for a location over 60 miles and an additional $50 per 60 miles. For example, 67 miles away is an additional $50, 200 miles away is an additional $150. This is based on the location of the photography studio. (Winter Haven)

Do you travel?

Question 7

Yes. You may have up to two outfits during a session. Additional outfit changes will require booking a longer session. Add more hours based on 2 outfits per hour policy. 

Do you allow outfit changes?

Question 8

Yes. You have the option to pay a rush fee of $75 to receive 10 images in 3 days.

I may want my pictures sooner than 7-10 days. Can I get them sooner?

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